Annual Tag Renewals

Tag renewals in Georgia occur on an annual basis.  Your tag MUST be renewed by your birthday/expiration date, NOT the end of the month in which it falls.  You can renew your tag beginning 30 days before your birthday.  Tag renewal notices, which are mailed from Atlanta, are considered a courtesy and are not guaranteed.  It is the taxpayers responsibility to pay the fee annually.  NOT RECEIVING A NOTICE DOES NOT ELIMINATE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY OR FORFEIT BEING CHARGED PENALTIES FOR LATE RENEWALS.    If you are late renewing your registration, you will be charged the following fees in addition to the standard renewal fees:

  • 10% of the ad valorem tax ($5 minimum)
  • $5 tag penalty

If your birthday/expiration date falls on a weekend or holiday on which our office is closed, you will have until the following business day to renew without penalty.

If you do not receive an annual renewal notice from the state, you can contact our office and request a duplicate copy.