Heavy Trucks

“Not For Hire” and “For Hire”

Not For Hire – When you own the truck and haul your own products.

For Hire – When you own your own truck and haul someone else’s property and a charge is made for the haul.

  • Tags expire on February 15 – penalties will apply after that date
  • Trucks weighing over 55,000 lbs require an IRS 2290 form.
  • Trucks weighing over 26,000 lbs and traveling out of state are required to be registered with IRP.
    • IRP: The Georgia International Registration Plan Office is located at 1200 Tradeport Boulevard, Hapeville, GA 30354. The mailing address is:  Georgia Department of Revenue, PO Box 16909, Atlanta, GA 30321. Their telephone numbers are: (404) 657-4186 or (404) 675-6194. The fax number is: (404) 675-619
    • For any other questions please call this office at 912-764-6285.