New Purchases

1986 and Newer


  1. Previous Owner’s Title
  2. Georgia Drivers License reflecting correct address
  3. Georgia Insurance electronically submitted to DMV’s Website or a declaration page or 30-day binder if insurance on the vehicle is less than 30 days old.
  4. Other Supporting Documents indicating a name change, inheritance, liens, etc.

***Normally, a dealership or lien holder will apply for the title and send/give the receipt to the buyer. Bring this receipt, along with insurance information to us so that we can either issue a new plate or transfer an existing one.


1985 and Older


  1. Georgia Title if the seller provided one OR Bill of Sale, including VIN number, date of sale and signatures of both buyer and seller.
  2. Georgia Drivers License reflecting correct address.
  3. Georgia Insurance declarations page or 30-day binder for this vehicle or electronic submission of insurance if policy is more than 30 days old.


* Note: If transferring a tag refer to the “Transferring a Tag” section in the Registration menu.