Vehicle Registrations

The vehicle owner/lessee’s date of birth is required when registering a vehicle. Upon initial registration, the owner’s birthday is recorded to establish the next registration renewal period and expiration date of the vehicle license plate. If two or more persons own a vehicle, the registration dates are dependent upon the primary registrant’s birthday.


Expiration Dates

Individual Ownership

You must register during the 30-day period ending on your birthday. Example: Your birthday is June 10-you may register anytime between May 10 and the close of the business day on June 10.


Lease Vehicles

You must register during the 30-day period ending on the lessee’s birthday no more than 30 days prior to the lessee’s birthday and no later than the close of business on the lessee’s birthday.


Business / Enterprise

Registrations in the name of a business, corporation, or organization are due at the end of the business owner’s designated registration month. Business registrations are determined by month according to the first letter of the company name as shown on the registration application.



Registration Month Business Name
January A-B
February C-D
March E-F
April G-H
May I-J
June K-L
July M-N
August O-P
September Q-R
October S-T
November U-V-W
December X-Y-Z